The Benefits of Office 365 For A Small Business

Running a small business can be a rocky road at times. The last thing you need is important files getting lost, or unexpected large bills for file and storage management. You also don’t need shoddy programming that hampers your progress in getting the important stuff done. Office 365 is an affordable and efficient solution that addresses all these issues. The system has many features, from Word to Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, Teams and more. These features facilitate working in all areas necessary to keep your business ticking along. 

This blog will explore some of the key benefits of Office 365. Plus, it will investigate the reasons you should employ it as your main system for an easier work life. 

Security from Office 365

Does this sound familiar? You’ve finished a large project or completed a plan, with all the figures and logistics in place. The project will help to expand your business in a fantastic new way. All for it to become spontaneously lost in the deepest, darkest corner of a hard drive!

Office 365 runs on a cloud-based system. So, even if you fear the worst when an important file may suddenly crash, all documents are uploaded to a database. This means they can be retrieved quickly and easily. 

For further peace of mind, this cloud system, along with all the Office 365 features, can be accessed from anywhere. This means that functionality is second-to-none, allowing team members access from anywhere. This means issues can be addressed quickly and easily whilst also providing employees with the flexibility to work from home as well as in the office. 

Further peace of mind and continuity

Further peace of mind is also supplied by the safety features provided by Office 365. The system comes equipped with two-factor authentication. This means you can be sure unauthorised personnel are not able to access files or get into your drive. Threat detection and anti-malware systems detect threats immediately and stops them in their tracks. This helps secure your data indefinitely. 

Office 365 also guarantees ease of continuity. Auto-updates ensure your systems are always improved and functioning at the best possible performance. This happens whilst reducing stress by updating automatically. Therefore, allowing you one less thing to schedule and worry about. 

In addition to this, the affordable fixed monthly rate allows for a controlled and predictable spend. As a result, you are offered the best possible service without stress or unwanted/unexpected bills. 

Communication and Collaboration

Office 365 offers centralised communication offered by features such as Outlook and Skype. So, your team can communicate and collaborate from any location, at any time. They can work effectively and cohesively on important projects. 

Teams provides instant messaging and video and audio calling to aid communication over short and long distances. Subsequently, meaning your major projects can combat air miles and time differences as well as connectivity issues. The ‘@’ people function on teams means you can directly notify specific team members for more concise communication. 

Office also boasts the feature Yammer. With a company ‘news feed’ you can instantly post and share important company updates with your staff. These updates are transferred via email notifications, making the feature as accessible as possible within a modern workforce. 

Office 365 also offers features such as notes, calendars, and contacts. It also has access to documents that can be accessed by all members and edited in real time. Sharing mailboxes is also possible so that collaborating has never been more assessable or easy. 

Are you ready to invest in Office 365?

The features of Office 365 complement each other. This provides your workforce with seamless programming to aid high-quality work production and project development. 

Would you like more information on how Office 365 can be integrated into your workforce? Or if you need support in web-based projects, such as web development and hosting, contact Cloud Digital Solutions. We would be delighted to help you fulfil your goals and offer solutions to your web/systems-related queries. 

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