Issues with Email Deliverability

In the past few months, there has been a massive increase in email delivery issues, especially with the enforcement of DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) policies. Hopefully we can help shed light on the challenges users face when sending emails to Yahoo and Gmail accounts and provides practical solutions to ensure smooth email delivery.

Understanding DMARC: DMARC policies play a crucial role in preventing email fraud and phishing attacks. While these policies enhance email security, they can also pose challenges for legitimate senders, causing email delivery issues.

Common Issues with Yahoo and Gmail:

  1. DMARC Alignment Failures: DMARC requires alignment between the “From” address and the authenticated domain. Failure to meet this alignment may result in emails being marked as spam or rejected.
  2. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) Setup: Improper configuration of SPF and DKIM records can lead to authentication failures, impacting email deliverability.
  3. Unauthenticated Emails: Sending emails without proper authentication can trigger DMARC policies, causing emails to be flagged as suspicious or rejected by the recipient’s server.

Ways to Resolve Email Delivery Issues:

  1. Review DMARC Records: Ensure that your domain has the necessary DMARC records configured. Check for proper alignment and adjust policies accordingly.
  2. SPF and DKIM Configuration: Verify that SPF and DKIM records are correctly set up for your domain. Ensure that all authorized mail servers are included in the SPF record, and DKIM signatures are correctly generated.
  3. Use a Trusted Email Service Provider (ESP): Consider using reputable ESPs that actively monitor and manage email deliverability. These providers often have dedicated teams to address authentication issues and maintain a positive sending reputation.
  4. Monitor Authentication Reports: Regularly review DMARC reports to identify any authentication failures. Analyze the data to understand the sources of the issues and take corrective actions.
  5. Engage with Yahoo and Gmail Support: If you continue to face problems, reach out to the support teams of Yahoo and Gmail. Provide them with relevant details and request assistance in resolving email delivery issues.

Great resourses to check email deliverabily issues and DMARC compliance:

MX Toolbox:



As DMARC policies become more stringent, understanding and addressing email delivery challenges is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. By following the recommended steps and staying vigilant, senders can navigate the complexities of DMARC policies, ensuring that their emails reach their intended recipients without disruptions.

If you require assitence with your Emails and delivery issues then please get in touch and we can assist you.

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