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Proudly serving the Bournemouth area

We are based in Tuckton, Bournemouth close to Southbourne and have been in the Bournemouth area for over 10 years. We love helping local businesses with their web design and digital services. The great thing about being local is that we can see our clients face to face. Either at our offices, on-site or meeting for coffee.

Web design in Bournemouth is competitive, with so many great local digital agencies and talent its is hard to find the right designer or web design agency. But we strive to work to what you need and to your budget to create a website and marketing plan that works for you.

The local companies that we have worked with have seen great success with their websites and SEO. Helping to reach new customers and increase both web traffic and foot traffic. Local SEO and proper use of Google Local (previously Google MyBusiness) is key to local business showing their offerings to their client base. As well as showing reviews, hours, updates, key information resulting in being open and clear with people looking for your business.

Whether you are looking for WordPress web design, e-Commerce build and design in Shopify or Woocommerce or just a simple small business website then we will be happy to help. We can also help with your local SEO and Advertising.


As so many people use websites on their phones and tablets (around 70% of users) it is important to ensure your website looks and works well on mobile! All of our websites are natively mobile and tablet friendly and will auto adapt based on the users’ device.

Shopify Partner

If you need a website built on Shopify then we can help you. Shopify is a great CMS for e-commerce websites. They have loads of pre-built solutions and can be tailored to new or established businesses. Or we can build your own website from scratch with Shopify to deliver exactly what you need.


If you have a website with WordPress then you may want to consider adding on WooCommerce so you can start selling online. We can help, whether it is a new website or adding onto an existing one to get you selling online in no time. 

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A delightful team and exceptional customer service from Cloud Digital Solutions

Lindy and the wonderful team at Cloud Digital Solutions have created us 2 x wonderful websites for our businesses that work really well for us and our customers. We have added new components over time as the business develops and they are more than happy to accommodate our requests in a helpful and efficient manner. We are very pleased with all of the work and effort that they have invested in getting our websites live and working for us.

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We have had a number of websites

We have had a number of website providers and these guys are by far the best. Deliver exactly what they promise. Always willing to help and reply to emails promptly. 

They often go above and beyond to help and it’s really reassuring to have them there to help. 

Would highly recommend them.

The Chiro Physio Clinic, Liverpool