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Simple Managed Hosting, without the confusion!

Web Hosting is something that can be very difficult to understand and find out what you need for your website. Hosting is quite simply, what is needed to deliver your website on the internet. Every website on the internet is hosted on a server somewhere. The key parts of what is needed with good hosting is a server that is large enough and optimised to serve your website with speed and security. The server needs to be secure and backing up your website daily to ensure that there is no malware attacks or DDOS attacks and this is something that should be done seamlessly. We manage our servers within Europe, they are fast and secure. Hence why we can offer you a 99% uptime guarantee.

We offer website hosting plans with our new websites or if you would like to have your website hosted by us and managed then we can also help you. Our website hosting plans all include a free SSL certificate and daily backups, as well as email and Cpanel access.


Uptime Guarantee

We offer a 99% uptime guarantee for all of our websites. This means that if we fall below its then you will get your hosting fee back. We are pleased to say that we have never had to issue a refund as of yet, and we continue to strive never to have to do so.

Backed Up

We back up your website daily to ensure that if you ever have an issue or make a mistake if you want to manage your website, then we can just go back and get an older copy. This can help protect you from human error, web attacks, malware and GDPR or data breaches.

Safe and Secure

We work tirelessly to ensure that your website is safe and secure online. We issue SSL Certificates at no charge to all of our clients and help to ensure that your website is GDPR compliant. We can help you with cookie and privacy policies and help ensure that all of your customers’ information is safe from breaches.

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