Email, Storage, Communication

A scalable business solution for all sizes

A business should always have a secure domain email address to properly comply with GDPR and data policies. However, sometimes you can find so many issues and so much confusion with setting this up. You may be a business that has just gone for an email such as [email protected] or similar, but this should really be much more professional. Such as [email protected] Well, the good news is that you can have that with Google Workplace for business, Microsoft Office 365, or an internal solution. All of these options are more simple than you may think and very cost-effective. They can also come with some storage solutions as standard. At Cloud Digital Solutions, we can set up and manage all of this for you so it is even easier and less for you to worry about.


As your team changed in size the solutions we have can adapt with you. With no lengthy contracts you can have new or temporary accounts that can be added and removed whenever you need them to. They can be remotly managed and merged into other acconts whenever you need them to be.

Cloud Storage

With Google Workspace and Microsft 365, you get cloud storage included. Meaning you can safely and securely store and share your important files and access them on any of your devices. Whether working from home or on holiday, you will always be able to access your work.

Team Work

With Zoom, Teams and Google Hangouts you can communicate with your team and clients easily. As well as upgrading to a phone solution meaning that you can manage your whole business from anywhere, whether video calls with your team or a new sales meeting.